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Novatek to increase capacity of the complex in Ust-Luga to 10 million tonnes in 2022


Novatek to increase capacity of the complex in Ust-Luga to 10 million tonnes in 2022

Novatek plans to launch its third phase of the refinery complex in Ust-Luga, which will generate 3 million tonnes of gas condensate per year, Rupec reports.

Thus, the launch will produce an additional 1.5-2 million tonnes of light and heavy naphtha, kerosene, diesel fraction and fuel oil.

Hydrocracking is also under construction at the complex site, which will be launched in 2020. The capacity of the unit will not exceed 1 million tonnes.

The production of high value-added products at the Ust-Luga complex has a significant positive impact on the profitability of liquid hydrocarbons sales and the company's cash flows.

Novatek's press office

In 2019, the Ust-Luga complex processed 6.9 million tonnes of stable gas condensate, 0.7% less than in 2018. According to preliminary data, the finished product sales amounted to 6.98 million tonnes for the year, including 4.51 million tonnes of naphtha, 1.07 million tonnes of kerosene, 1.4 million tonnes of fuel oil and diesel fraction.

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