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Nova Chemicals, Plastic Energy explore options for Ontario advanced recycling facility


Nova Chemicals, Plastic Energy explore options for Ontario advanced recycling facility

Nova Chemicals, headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, has entered into an agreement with London-based Plastic Energy to explore the feasibility of developing a pyrolysis-driven advanced recycling facility in the Sarnia, Ontario, region. If constructed, the facility would have an initial capacity of about 60,000 metric tons per year.

Source: RecyclingToday

Postuse plastics offer tremendous value to furthering the circular economy, and our teams at NOVA Chemicals work daily to innovate new and collaborative ways to extend the life cycle of our products and plastic packaging. This agreement with Plastic Energy is a prime example of two companies working together to create timely, effective and sustainable solutions that will help us make progress towards our 2030 recycled plastics ambitions, while diverting hard-to-recycle segments of plastic waste away from landfills.

Greg DeKunder, vice president of Nova Circular Solutions

Nova Chemicals says its Roadmap to Sustainability Leadership report outlines the company’s target to reach 30 percent recycled content as a share of its total polyethylene (PE) sales by 2030 by growing its mechanical recycling business and exploration of advanced recycling technologies.

According to a news release from Nova Chemicals, Plastic Energy has two commercial recycling plants in Spain that have been in operation for seven years, alongside new projects in Europe and Asia. Plastic Energy’s “TAC” process serves as an alternative to mechanical recycling by converting end-of-life postconsumer plastic into new feedstock. Recycled PE manufactured using Plastic Energy-produced feedstock, which the company calls, “Tacoil,” has properties similar to virgin PE and can be used in food-contact and high-performance applications.

We are pleased to sign this agreement with Nova Chemicals to explore the scope for our first advanced recycling project in Canada. Advanced recycling will continue to be important for the North American market by providing a solution for incorporating recycled content into food-grade packaging. Together with Nova Chemicals, we aim to reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in landfills, incineration or as leakage into the environment, which is important for the circular economy in Canada.

Carlos Monreal, founder and CEO of Plastic Energy

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