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New circular company in Port Oostende to increase employment: APPI signs concession agreement on 15-hectare plot of land


New circular company in Port Oostende to increase employment: APPI signs concession agreement on 15-hectare plot of land

The Belgian-Dutch start-up Advanced Plastic Purification International NV (“APPI”) becomes the latest circular company to set up a base in Port Oostende by signing a long-term concession agreement on 15 hectares in Plassendale.

Source: Port of Oostende

APPI is active in recycling and purification of plastic waste. End of life plastics will be sorted, cleaned, and processed into near-virgin quality that is ready to be converted into various plastic applications and products.

The project is based on existing, proven, efficient technologies that will be applied on a significant scale. The proces will be energy self-sufficient to a large extent and will be carbon neutral. With the intended capacity APPI will contribute significantly to the development of the circular economy.

APPI anticipates an initial combined in- and output flow of 500’000 tons per year by water, and expects to provide 110 new jobs. The new player therefore will have a positive impact on local employment as well as maritime flows.

The arrival of APPI fits perfectly into the mission, vision, and strategy of Port Oostende, with circular industry as one of the main pillars. The choice for the Plassendale area in the port reinforces the existing circular cluster, which has been one of the main aims of the board over the last years.

APPI expects to start works by the end of 2024 to become operational in 2026.

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