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New AI solution to aid energy companies decarbonize


New AI solution to aid energy companies decarbonize

Peregrine Analytics, an analytical solutions company for the energy sector, has introduced an AI-powered technology, designed to analyze and predict asphaltene behavior in crude oil.

Source: GeospatialWorld

The solution aims to advance the decarbonization and transition to cleaner energy, while enhancing efficiency and sustainability in the operations of oil and gas companies.

Asphaltene, a complicated organic compound in crude oil, poses significant challenges for energy companies as they shift towards cleaner energy and decarbonize their operations.

Peregrine Analytics’ cutting-edge solution leverages AI and machine learning to deliver near real-time insights into asphaltene behaviour, which streamlines the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

The PeregrineIQ platform is available as a subscription service, complete with advanced developed hardware to support speedy results.

The platform’s real-time data analysis and visualization tools, along with expert support and training, make it easy and user-friendly for energy companies of all sizes to implement and benefit from the technology.

PeregrineIQ offers advanced machine learning algorithms that enable near real-time asphaltene testing and valuable insights, flexible and customizable design for specific analysis, and real-time data analysis and visualization to reduce costs, optimize operations, and achieve sustainability objectives.

We are thrilled to launch this game-changing technology, which represents a significant step forward in the analysis and prediction of asphaltene behavior in crude oil and the broader decarbonization and transition to clean energy. Our technology will enable energy companies to optimize their operations, reduce costs, and achieve their sustainability objectives in the transition to cleaner energy.

Managing Director Justin Last

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