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Neste partners with Circularise to increase visibility of circular polymers, chemical value chains


Neste partners with Circularise to increase visibility of circular polymers, chemical value chains

Neste, an oil refining company based in Espoo, Finland, and Netherlands-based startup Circularise have partnered to bring Circularise’s traceability software into circular polymers and chemical supply chains. The companies are collaborating in establishing digital solutions to trace renewable and recycled material flows, providing increased transparency along the value chain. - RecyclingToday

The companies will use Circularise’s blockchain-based supply chain traceability software, which creates a digital twin for the physical material. The twin stores information on the used materials throughout the value chain, enabling all value chain parties to keep track of the material.   

Circularise says this allows them to verify where materials come from and how and where they were processed. The digital twin can also provide information on sustainability data like the carbon footprint of the materials or products made from them.  

The companies say solutions to increase visibility into supply chains become valuable in this industry as materials undergo several processing steps and often get blended and co-processed with other materials. Especially in the ramp-up phase of more sustainable and circular value chains, renewable or recycled materials may be processed with fossil materials. This maes it difficult to verifiably link end products with a much lower carbon footprint and the renewable or recycled materials they were produced with. As long as there is a mix of raw materials, a majority of renewable or recycled products will rely on a mass balancing allocation method to link the end products to their raw materials.  

With a digital supply chain tracking system, Neste and Circularise intend to enable value chain players to still make verifiable claims about products. Additionally, it will allow parties along the value chain to better understand their supply chains, leading to improved transparency when it comes to life cycle emissions of products or other sustainability factors such as biodiversity and human rights.  

It’s usually very easy to claim sustainability, but very often, it’s not easy at all to back these claims. Yet, trust and credibility are crucial factors when it comes to sustainability. Being able to track all the materials going into a product provides a solid basis for gaining that trust and credibility.

Isabella Tonaco, vice president of strategy execution & marketing at Neste Renewable Polymers and Chemicals

While the goal is to increase visibility and trust, Circularise says it also prioritizes confidentiality. Using a public blockchain-based infrastructure and Circularise’s proprietary Smart Questioning technology allows combining these two targets into one solution, enabling the sharing of trustworthy data and information between parties along the value chain without compromising on intellectual property or privacy.  

We want to really break the communication barriers that limit supply chain traceability. We've been working with suppliers that truly want to create circular operations that want to cooperate with their clients and regulators that want to share insights into their products, but at the same time don’t want to risk their sensitive data.

Mesbah Sabur, founder of Circularise

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