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Neptune will use digital technology to discover hydrocarbons


Neptune will use digital technology to discover hydrocarbons

Oil and gas company Neptune Energy will harness digital technology to drastically slash the length of time taken to discover hydrocarbons, Energy Voice reports.

Neptune believes it can make that process 70% faster using new tools – developed with partners and vendors – to scan and interpret reams of seismic data. According to the article, Kaveh Pourteymour, chief information officer at Neptune, cited an example of one particular campaign taking 11 years to result in first oil. He estimated that three of those years could have been spared with digital technology.

The company is working on a project that would create a “global data hub”, helping its global team of geoscientists share and analyse huge volumes of data across country boundaries. They will be able to spend less time on administrative tasks, freeing them up to do what they feel passionate about — converting data into valuable insights and results.

Neptune has operations in the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, North Africa, and the Asia Pacific region.

Our goal is to make use of digital technologies to find and produce oil and gas faster, with more certainty and safely.

Kaveh Pourteymour, chief information officer at Neptune

Pourteymour said that if the company can provide better intelligence and insights on where hydrocarbons reside, it can accelerate discovery and production and reduce the cost of exploration.

Mr Pourteymour pointed out that Neptune was also looking at digital technology to make the firm’s operations more efficient, eliminate waste and reduce emissions.