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Milestone for CCS project Greensand reached


Milestone for CCS project Greensand reached

Project Greensand, which aims to store CObeneath the Danish North Sea, has cleared a first major hurdle. Injection and storage of COin the Nini West subsea reservoir has been certified feasible by independent certification body DNV GL. Source: WintershallDea

The Nini West oil reservoir is operated by INEOS Oil & Gas Denmark with Wintershall Dea as partner. With this certification DNV GL confirms that the reservoir is conceptually suitable for injecting 0.45 million tonnes CO2 per year per well for a 10-year period, and that the subsea reservoir can safely contain the CO2 in compressed form.

We are proud to have achieved this first milestone for Project Greensand. The certification means we can be confident that the reservoir is suitable for safe and long term storage. Now we will work with our project partners to gain knowledge and drive the project forward.

Margarethe Kleczar, Head of the Carbon Management and Hydrogen Division, Wintershall Dea

Wintershall Dea, INEOS Oil and Gas Denmark, Maersk Drilling and a research partner, the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) formed the Project Greensand consortium to reuse discontinued offshore oil fields for the permanent safe storage of CO2 captured at onshore industrial facilities.  

Project Greensand targets having the first well ready for injection from the Nini platform in 2025. Longer term, the ambition is to develop capacity to store approximately 3.5 million tonnes CO2 per year before 2030.

We have been producing from the relevant oil fields in Denmark for decades and already have a high level of knowledge of the reservoir characteristics. The Greensand Project will further advance Wintershall Dea’s understanding of CCS, so we are pleased to see this positive outcome, which states that there are no showstoppers for further investigating the storage of CO2. We are looking forward to further cooperation with the project partners for the next phase and are glad to contribute to a project with the potential to mitigate CO2 emissions in Denmark.

Klaus Langemann, SVP for Technology & Innovation, Wintershall Dea

The project forms a part of Wintershall Dea’s intention to support the

energy transition. Earlier in November, Wintershall Dea published greenhouse gas reduction targets, aiming for net zero for its production activities (scope 1 + 2 emissions, operated and non-operated upstream activities at equity share basis) by 2030. Beyond 2030, the company intends to significantly reduce Scope 3 emissions, which are mainly generated through the combustion of gas and oil it produces. Hydrogen and CCS can play a key role in this, as the company has both relevant assets and competencies to help in contributing to emission reductions.

In addition to Project Greensand, Wintershall Dea is currently involved in projects including a feasibility study for CCS at Brage in Norway, and a methane pyrolysis (hydrogen) research partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The company established a Carbon Management and Hydrogen division earlier this year in order to further drive forward its work in these areas.

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