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LyondellBasell, Kirkbi invest in APK to develop recycling technology


LyondellBasell, Kirkbi invest in APK to develop recycling technology

Plastics, chemicals and refining company LyondellBasell and Kirkbi A/S, the holding and investment company of the Lego brand, have signed an agreement to make an investment in Germany-based APK, which specializes in using a solvent-based recycling technology for low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

Source: RecyclingToday

We are happy to announce our investment in APK. Kirkbi believes APK offers a promising scalable technology in LDPE recycling that can help increase circularity of plastics and minimize plastic waste, to contribute to a more sustainable environment in the future. We look forward to providing strategic, financial and commercial support while APK establishes technology that will compliment mechanical and chemical recycling.

Damir Hamzic, head of the circular plastics investment area at Kirkbi

The companies say APK aims to increase the recycling of multilayer flexible packaging materials, and it has developed its solvent-based Newcycling process, which separates the different polymers of multilayer packaging materials and produces recycled materials with a high degree of purity suitable for new packaging materials.

We need to advance the recycling of all types of plastic waste material generated today to support the goal of a circular economy and meet the increasing demand for high quality recycled products. Advancing this technology, through our investment in APK, will enable more plastic packaging waste to be reintroduced back into the value chain and will address the demand from consumers and brand owners for more sustainable packaging. Products made using this unique Newcycling solvent-based technology will be a great complementary addition to our existing Circulen product portfolio, which currently offers mechanical and advanced recycling solutions to our customers.

LyondellBasell Executive Vice President of Circular and Low Carbon Solutions Yvonne van der Laan says

Under the agreement, Rotterdam, Netherlands-based LyondellBasell and Billund, Denmark-based Kirkbi will become minority shareholders in APK and together with other co-investors will invest around 130 million euros ($139.5 million) in APK. The companies say there are plans to build additional Newcycling plants in the future to increase production capacity.

Our Newcycling technology makes it possible to close the loop even with complex waste streams and to produce high-quality LDPE recyclates from mixed plastic waste—highly efficient and offering both economic and ecological advantages. We have been proving for years that this is also possible on an industrial scale at our plant in Merseburg. We are pleased to now ignite the next stage and are proud to have LyondellBasell and Kirkbi as two strong supporters at our side, who bring a lot of additional expertise in the areas of polymer design and application know-how.

Susanne Kuppers, member of the executive board of APK AG and managing director of APK NCC

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