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Lummus strengthens position in circular economy


Lummus strengthens position in circular economy

Lummus Technology, a global provider of process technologies and value-driven energy solutions, announced a major investment in Resynergi, a pioneering leader in plastic recycling technology, to scale production of Resynergi’s modular Continuous Microwave Assisted Pyrolysis (CMAP) technology. CMAP converts plastic waste into reusable materials at a rate 20 times faster than traditional pyrolysis methods. Lummus’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Leon de Bruyn, will also join Resynergi’s board of directors.

Source: Lummus Technology

Lummus’ is not only investing in Resynergi, we are partnering with true innovators to develop and scale sustainable solutions that advance the circular economy. Combining our global licensing expertise with Resynergi's proven CMAP technology will help us accelerate the conversion of plastic waste into high-quality, reusable material. I also look forward to collaborating with Resynergi’s team and the board of directors to help reduce the carbon footprint of conventional plastics production and meet the growing demand for recycled plastics.

Leon de Bruyn, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lummus Technology

With an estimated 70% growth in plastic waste by 2050, Resynergi’s modular CMAP technology is positioned to scale waste conversion creating positive social and environmental impact.

The investment from Lummus, along with their global licensing expertise, will allow us to scale our innovative recycling technology and collectively reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by addressing plastic waste and accelerate plastic circularity.

Resynergi Chief Executive Officer Brian Bauer

Key Resynergi CMAP Technology Highlights:

  • Modular Design – allows for rapid deployment and scalability, making advanced recycling more affordable and versatile.
  • Compact Footprint – 10X smaller reactor footprint and system-on-a-skid design eliminates local waste management and municipality’s typical square footage requirements for a “recycling plant.”
  • Rapid Time to Value – Modules scale horizontally, allowing deployment and start up in weeks, rather than years.
  • Faster Conversion – Harnessing microwave energy, plastic molecules are broken down 100X faster than traditional pyrolysis reactors.
  • High Quality Output – Oil products that meet standards set by refinery partners for chemical recycling.
  • Clean Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly Process – CMAP generates clean products with up to 68% CO2e reduction.

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Lummus strengthens position in Circular Economy
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