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Latvian TSO to invest over €500m in digital grid solutions


Latvian TSO to invest over €500m in digital grid solutions

Latvian transmission system operator AS “Augstsprieguma tīkls” (AST) plans to invest €500.5 million ($516.8 million) up to 2033 to strengthen the electricity supply and transmission system. This encompasses digital solutions for the grid to prepare for synchronisation with continental Europe and increasing renewable capacity. - Smart-Energy

The 10-year development plan, which has been approved by the Public Service Regulatory Commission (PSRC), includes introducing digital solutions to prepare the transmission network for synchronisation with continental European networks.

In the coming years, AST plans to invest the funds to modernise various aspects of the grid, including commercial electricity, balance control systems, electric network model management systems, the dispatch control system and emergency automation.

These projects – which are hoped to ensure faster and better data exchange and system management – are planned to be implemented before the start of the synchronisation process.

In the next decade, we will continue our work on improving the reliability of network operation, systematically renovating the existing and creating new network infrastructure, modernising network management processes and introducing various digital solutions in order to be ready for synchronisation with European power grids in 2025.

AST board member Arnis Daugulis

Of the total investment, €210.5 million ($216.6 million) received 75% co-financing from European Union funds.

And until 2033, €21 million ($21.6 million) to €30 million ($30.9 million) is invested annually in the reconstruction of 330kV and 110kV substations, lines and distribution points, ensuring stable operation of the transmission system.

In each project, AST will evaluate infrastructure service life and wear and tear, making sure of the relevance of each project to prevent construction where load would not be ensured in the required volume. According to AST, this is due to their priority for high-quality and safe electricity transmission service at the lowest possible rates.

Additionally, financial investments will be planned to prevent the ageing of transmission equipment in the long term and ensure that no equipment exceeds its critical age.

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