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Kiwa launches new UK hydrogen plant and demonstration site


Kiwa launches new UK hydrogen plant and demonstration site

UK-based industrial gas testing, inspection and certification body Kiwa has opened its new local hydrogen production plant and technology demonstration site in Cheltenham. - GasWorld

The site is linked to Kiwa’s new test labs by the UK’s first low pressure hydrogen distribution pipeline.  

According to the company, the ability to connect to a continuous flow of odourised hydrogen will prove an invaluable prospect to manufacturers seeking to understand the performance and longevity of their appliances.  

This production facility demonstrates the feasibility of producing hydrogen from a locally derived source, which will potentially be of interest to thousands of biogas production sites.  

Georgina Orr, Project Manager

Kiwa’s hydrogen production process involves steam methane reforming (SMR) of locally produced syngas from a biogas source, and the conversion of Kiwa’s labs to use piped hydrogen.  

According to the company, the site is already seeing increased interest from technology developers wanting to demonstrate their products such as hydrogen purifiers, gas analysers, and local carbon capture technologies.

Hydrogen is set to play a key role the UK’s pathway to Net Zero with more companies transitioning from so-called grey hydrogen to blue and green hydrogen in line with the UK government’s Hydrogen Strategy.

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