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Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy expects 5% increase in oil refining in 2019


Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Energy expects 5% increase in oil refining in 2019

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan expects that the oil refining amount at the refineries in 2019 will amount to 17.1 million tons, which is 5% more than the previous year, Rupec reports.

According to the ministry, the refining will increase due to the higher export of motor petrol.

In 2019, to maintain production at the refineries, exports of motor gasoline were opened in July. About 20-30 thousand tons of motor gasoline are exported every month.

The press office of Kazakhstan's Ministry of Energy

In July, Kazakhstan began supplying gasoline to Tajikistan. Export volumes were expected to be in the range of 60-70,000 tonnes of Ai-92 and 10-15,000 tonnes of Ai-95 per month.

Before that, Kazakhstan used not to export gasoline and diesel fuel abroad. The country banned exports of light oil products until 1 January 2019 under an intergovernmental agreement with Russia, from where gasoline and diesel fuel were imported to Kazakhstan duty-free. In October, the parties removed the embargo on the export of Kazakh gasoline outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Production at Kazakhstan's refineries grew by 3.9% to 9.33 million tonnes. Gasoline output rose 4.3% to 2.48 million tonnes, and diesel production grew by 6.7% to 3.05 million tonnes. Aircraft fuel production increased by 137% to 361,000 tonnes.

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