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Infosys Collaborates with GE Digital to Deliver Energy Transition Solutions


Infosys Collaborates with GE Digital to Deliver Energy Transition Solutions

Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today announced a strategic collaboration with GE Digital, GE’s software division, to accelerate grid transformation for the utilities sector. - Infosys

Together, GE Digital and Infosys will follow a joint go-to-market approach to deliver value added solutions for grid related products and services, for their new and existing clients.

Infosys and GE Digital will jointly bring these solutions for the utilities industry to help grid operators realize a more reliable, resilient, and sustainable grid. This will be driven by an industry-leading grid orchestration software platform and a suite of intelligent applications that bring together energy data, network modeling, and artificial intelligence (AI). This collaboration combines GE’s deep expertise and experience with utilities in the energy sector, and long years of investment in grid equipment and platforms, and Infosys’ breadth of business transformation, system integration, and advanced technology capabilities that will enable efficient electric grid orchestration.

With energy transition driving increasing complexity on the grid, alignment between IT and OT is becoming very important. Our collaboration with Infosys will help accelerate adoption of grid software that bridges these disciplines, equipping the next generation of grid operators with the tools they need to keep the grid stable, resilient, and sustainable. The utility’s ability to not just manage but orchestrate the clean energy grid relies on a unique combination of software and partnership for strategy building, as well as execution of solutions. Infosys’ clear understanding of GE solutions and strong commitment to leadership will enable significant productivity and service level improvements, along with critical cost efficiencies.

Mahesh Sudhakaran, General Manager, GE Digital Grid Software

This engagement builds on Infosys’ eighteen-year relationship with GE, that includes collaboration on innovative technology crucial for energy transition.

Infosys will build a GE Digital Center of Excellence (CoE) to expand the talent pool for the GE GridOS® portfolio and bring in best practices in service delivery. Infosys will also invest in accelerators to integrate the GE platform and application suite into enterprise ecosystems and address client specific requirements. In addition, Infosys will bring in digital capabilities in areas like AI, Cloud, Cybersecurity and Industrial IoT to support utility transformation. This 360-degree collaboration will enable Infosys to work with GE to deliver the benefits of Information Technology and Operational Technology (IT-OT) convergence to utilities.

We are delighted to collaborate with GE Digital to drive the digital transformation of the electric grid which is very crucial for energy transition. Through our GE Digital Center of Excellence, we plan to bring product depth, scale, and service delivery best practices to this rapidly growing market. With a comprehensive understanding of utility business requirements and challenges, we look forward to leveraging our technological prowess and domain expertise to enable this transformation as part of this 360-degree collaboration.

Ashiss Dash, EVP & Global Head - Services, Utilities, Resources and Energy, Infosys

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