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Ineos to upgrade polyolefins plant in Belgium


Ineos to upgrade polyolefins plant in Belgium

Ineos Olefins & Polymers Europe, London, is investing 30 million euros ($29 million) in the conversion of its plant at the Port of Antwerp in Lillo, Belgium, to enable its existing capacity to produce either monomodal or bimodal grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). - RecyclingToday

The company says the investment will allow it to meet the demand for durable high-end applications such as cable ducts and pipes used to transport green energy sources, while also enabling the business to follow market trends as society reduces single-use packaging.

Ineos says it will use its proprietary technology to build on its position as a supplier to the high-density pressure pipe market, working with customers to supply key regions and segments such as drinking water, gas, sewage and industrial applications, including geothermal and biogas. The investment will enable the company to meet growing demand for applications critical to the new energy economy, such as pressure pipe grids for transporting hydrogen; long-distance underground cable duct networks for wind farms and transportation for other forms of renewable power; electrification infrastructure; and carbon dioxide capture, transport and storage processes.

According to Ineos, the combination of properties offered by its bimodal HDPE polymers means many of its products can be installed and operated safely for at least 50 years, and offer more efficient, lower-emission solutions for transporting important utilities and goods around Europe’s cities.

Once the upgrade is complete, the Lillo site will increase production of the highly engineered polymers Ineos combines with recycled plastic materials to form the Recycl-IN range, which enables converters and brand owners to produce products that meet consumer demands for increased use of recycled materials while continuing to deliver on their specifications.

Ineos says the investment in the Lillo plant will also allow it to work with customers to develop new grades of Recycl-IN products.

This investment will enable our business to support the growing use of products that play a key role in the transition to net zero, as well as other uses essential to homes and businesses. The Lillo investment also shows our commitment to helping create a thriving circular economy. Our Recyl-IN polymer range gives our customers the quality and confidence they need to help them to increase the use of recycling materials.

Ineos O&P Europe North CEO Rob Ingram

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