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Ineos Styrolution Partners with Polystyvert to recycle PS


Ineos Styrolution Partners with Polystyvert to recycle PS

Global leader in styrenics Ineos Styrolution and Canadian clean technology startup Polystyvert are collaborating to convert post-consumer polystyrene plastic into a new, high-quality, PS raw material resin.

Source: PTOnline

According to a news release from Ineos Styrolution, Ineos Polystyvert will use a patented dissolution method of advanced recycling that takes plastic waste in its solid form and dissolves it in a solvent.

Once dissolved, the process can mechanically and chemically separate contaminants and additives, before finally separating the original polymer from the solvent. The end-product is then a cleaned polymer that may be used as new raw material resin again.

Using this method, ‘recycled polystyrene’ is produced at a competitive price. Thus, opening up the full potential for a circular economy. We are pleased to work with Ineos Styrolution to set up a truly circular economy for polystyrene. Our common goal is to recycle as much polystyrene as possible and a partnership as such will make a difference.

Solenne Brouard, CEO, Polystyvert

Polystyvert’s in-depth purification technology reportedly offers the ability to treat all types of feedstock, from industrial waste to post-consumer streams. The technology can eliminate a wide range of hard-to-remove contaminants such as pigments and brominated flame-retardants. Recycled polystyrene pellets can then be used to manufacture various categories of polystyrene products, including food-grade applications.

The purification capacity of Polystyvert’s technology is unique. The high quality of the final recycled polystyrene resin is essential to achieving a truly circular economy in key markets like food service packaging.

Ricardo Cuetos, V.P., Ineos Styrolution Americas

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