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Ineos effort results in recycled-content ABS


Ineos effort results in recycled-content ABS

Ineos Styrolution, a Germany-based global provider of styrene plastics, has introduced two recycled-content resins as part of its specialty acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) product group. The company says its Novodur and Novodur High Heat resins can be used in applications in the automotive, electronics and household products sectors. - RecyclingToday

The individual grades come with a significant product carbon footprint saving of up to 71 percent as compared to respective non-ECO product references.

Ineos says

The company describes the mechanically recycled Novodur ECO MR resin as a general purpose ABS grade providing “high flowability, good stiffness and high gloss.” The material is available with a 30 percent, 50 percent or 70 percent postconsumer mechanically recycled content (PCR), according to the firm.

The Novodur ECO MR product comes in several colors and in black and offers a carbon footprint saving of up to 57 percent, Ineos says. The resin group “is currently under evaluation by various customers to become a material of choice for various household appliances,” the company adds.

The Ineos Novodur ECO High Heat MR family of products, available in black, includes “all ABS products modified to allow thermally stressed components to meet stringent stability requirements,” Ineos says. Three different high heat grades offer carbon footprint savings of up to 28 percent while the recycled content can be 30 percent or 40 percent, depending on the grade.  

This announcement [will] not be the last such announcement. We will continue on our journey to deliver sustainable options for all our product groups.

Dr. Eike Jahnke, vice president at Ineos Styrolution

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