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Ineos debuts recycled-content styrene resins


Ineos debuts recycled-content styrene resins

The Ineos Styrolution business unit of global petrochemical firm Ineos is introducing its Novodur ECO ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and Novodur ECO High Heat resins at a trade fair in Germany this week. - RecyclingToday

The company says the grades are made from mechanically recycled postconsumer plastic, adding the Novodur ECO ABS product will contain up to 70 percent recycled material and ECO HH will be made from up to 40 percent recycled material.

The new materials offer identical mechanical properties as their virgin equivalents, making them drop-in solutions for application developers.

the company states

Ineos Sytrolutions says prospective automotive applications include center consoles, radiator grills and mirror housings.

The Novodur grades will be available in “pure white, cream or traffic blue as well as customer-specific colors,” the company adds. An option for self-coloring also will be offered.

We invite automotive and household application developers to explore the new grades. They tick all the boxes: High-quality material for high-quality applications, drop-in solution for easy processing and contribution to our customers’ sustainability goals.

Marcela Villegas, a director of commercial product management specialties, Ineos

We are very excited to introduce our first recycled ABS Specialty grades – we have more in the pipeline. Our customers want to reduce their carbon footprint and we are happy to provide solutions which can be used without any change in the process or equipment.

Nils Wittenberg, technical product manager, Ineos

Germany-based Ineos Styrolution describes itself as providing innovative and sustainable best-in-class solutions to help make the circular economy for styrenics a reality.

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