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How shared data standards and digital twin technologies will combine to transform oil and gas – FutureOn


How shared data standards and digital twin technologies will combine to transform oil and gas – FutureOn

True, cutting-edge digital transformation of the oil and gas industry requires widespread integration of the technology and regular, ongoing application of all that this revolutionary way of working can offer.
FutureOn, the global software specialist focused on the energy sector, is championing a vendor-neutral approach to data standards that will facilitate maximum industry collaboration through cross-platform digitalization of field planning, realisation and operations.

Source: FutureOn

A high-quality, continuous set of metadata – recognised and applicable across industry – is crucial to the full enabling of digital twin technologies and the sorts of achievements already taking hold across oil and gas.

It will tackle the frustrations and loss of data often encountered during handover between project phases, enhance communication between different parts of the business and result in better collaboration, шncreased efficiency, and decreased risk.

The next iteration of FieldTwin will take full advantage of the power offered by a centrally managed data

The result will be alignment of the information held on different applications, by different operators and under different standards. A single item of metadata within the digital twin will be precisely defined, ready for import/export or sharing in the appropriate format ready for its final destination.

Field optimization through digital design

At the design stage, digitalization provides a common workspace that breaks down barriers between potential silos and enables efficient collaboration across even remote work settings.

It also reduces the time spent searching for data across, for instance, server folder structures and data hierarchies.

Engineers can in a matter of moments access information in the digital twin about a specific asset in a geospatially correct environment, including the latest validated data: process flows, piping and instrumentation, materials and test certificates, product specifications, inspection findings, maintenance records and integrity risk assessment reports, among others.

Field layout 3D. Image courtesy FutureOn

The technical codes and standards used for compliance can also be included.

Access to this single-point, data-rich visualisation – particularly when combined with parallel organizational changes – boosts efficiencies and increases the time available to discuss a wider range of project alternatives while improving decision-making quality.

Crucially, metadata functionality brings even wider benefits; physical asset properties can be input, captured, and digitized to enable smart virtual assets for use across a range of workflows and software applications in several disciplines.

Download the "Time to Embrace a Framework for Change" whitepaper to learn more about FieldAP and FieldTwin by FutureOn

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