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How can oil & gas operators benefit from “Digital Twin” technology?


How can oil & gas operators benefit from “Digital Twin” technology?

The digital twin is perhaps one of the major industry buzzwords of the past year, led initially by GE Oil & Gas, but with others, such as Kongsberg, now introducing platforms that enable operators to have a “digital twin” of their assets. What is the “digital twin” and how can oil & gas companies benefit from it? Globuc put together relevant papers to answer this question.

Simply put, a digital twin is a virtual model, pairing the virtual and physical worlds, allowing for the analysis of data and system monitoring in a way that dramatically improves operations, preventing downtime, reducing maintenance costs, and providing data that can be used to streamline operations throughout the lifecycle of the asset.

By integrating data from many different software products, the concept enhances information management and collaboration, where experts and operators can work together, preventing costly mistakes and rework.

With the introduction of the Internet of Things, the digital twin is now cost-effective to implement, and the concept is rapidly becoming imperative to obtain a competitive advantage in efficient business operations. Gartner Inc., lists it among technologies that analysts believe will have “substantial disruptive potential across industries.”

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