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Honeywell Opens Its First Assembly Plant in Kazakhstan as Part of New Localization Strategy


Honeywell Opens Its First Assembly Plant in Kazakhstan as Part of New Localization Strategy

The opening of the plant is part of a strategy to expand localization and strengthen its presence in Central Asia. The launch was the result of a joint work by the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kazakh Invest national investment company to provide favorable conditions for large foreign companies that plan to relocate their facilities or regional offices to Kazakhstan. - Astanatimes

Honeywell, a North Carolina-based company that develops industrial technology, is included in the Fortune 100 list of the world’s leading companies with offices in 70 countries and more than 110,000 employees worldwide.

The company has been present in Kazakhstan for more than two decades. It has been supporting the country’s oil and gas industry for more than 40 years, supplying advanced technologies in gas production and processing, transportation and deep oil refining.

Honeywell President for Central Asia, Türkiye and Israel Uygar Doiran said the opening of the plant in Kazakhstan is going to strengthen its position in the market of Central Asia.

Our assembly site in Almaty, the first of its kind to produce ICSS (Integrated Control and Safety System) technology in Kazakhstan, provides an additional foundation for expanding domestic production capacity for advanced industrial automation systems in the country. According to him, the plant underscores its commitment to advancing localization plans in Kazakhstan. “It will provide quick and easy access to advanced automation and critical safety technologies in the country’s petrochemical, oil and gas industries.

said Doiran

Speaking at the opening of the plant, Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Almas Aidarov highlighted the importance of the project for strengthening bilateral relations. According to him, the United States remains the most important trade partner, having invested over $2.8 billion in Kazakhstan’s economy in 2021.

We appreciate Honeywell’s contribution to Kazakhstan’s oil and gas sector development. Since 1998, the company has been our close partner in automation and artificial intelligence in a number of upstream and downstream projects.

said Aidarov

He also added that Honeywell was considering the option to open their regional office in Kazakhstan among several other large foreign companies.

Foreign companies, which leave the Russian market for one reason or another, declare their desire to maintain their influence in the Eurasian space. Big players have to be based somewhere in any case. And there are 265 such targetable companies today.

said Aidarov

He stressed that Kazakhstan is ready to provide all necessary conditions for the relocation of foreign companies to Kazakhstan in the face of the current geopolitical situation.

In an interview with The Astana Times on July 19, Aidarov said 43 major foreign companies are ready to relocate to Kazakhstan to strengthen their presence in the Eurasian region.

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