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High-performance computing and quantum technologies move to the forefront of sustainable energy solutions


High-performance computing and quantum technologies move to the forefront of sustainable energy solutions

EDF, Exaion Inc, PASQAL, and the Quantum Innovation Zone are joining forces to open the first center of excellence to develop sustainable energy solutions using the combined capabilities of high-performance computing (HPC) and quantum computing. Their aim is to provide the energy industry with sustainable quantum-based solutions by 2024. - IT World Canada

The center of excellence is called QuaTERA – Quantum Technologies Energy Result Accelerator – and aims to form an ecosystem of partnerships at the intersection of the energy industry, classical/quantum technologies, and hybrid algorithms in order to design and develop solutions that solve the real challenges of the energy industry in the short term.

Today, quantum technologies hold many promises waiting to be turned into real-life solutions. We decided to take the lead and play a decisive role in producing practical HPC-quantum solutions impacting today’s energy sector while creating opportunities for collaborative projects and training of highly qualified personnel.

Richard St-Pierre, chief executive officer of the Quantum Innovation Zone in a press release

The center will benefit from Exaion’s expertise in high-performance computing as well as that of PASQAL, a specialist in quantum machines. QuaTERA will be combining computing power with EDF’s extensive library of energy optimization and simulation algorithms. This man-machine combination paves the way for solving specific problems faced by the world’s energy industry such as digital twins, citywide EV charging stations and resilience optimization.

QuaTERA is located in the Quantum Innovation Zone in Sherbrooke, Quebec, in the middle of a quantum ecosystem that brings together academics from the Université de Sherbrooke, PINQ² and leading industry players.

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