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Halliburton labs welcomes three new companies to its energy tech accelerator


Halliburton labs welcomes three new companies to its energy tech accelerator

Halliburton Labs introduces Matrix Sensors, Renew Power Systems (RPSi), and SunGreenH2 as the newest participants in its clean energy accelerator. - Halliburton

The move is part of Halliburton Labs’ ambition to advance clean energy innovation. Halliburton Labs helps early-stage companies increase their attractiveness to prospective customers and investors by contributing expertise, connections, facilities, and more to help achieve strategic commercialization milestones with more efficient use of time and capital.

Companies across the energy landscape are interested in scalable innovations that improve the cost, reliability, and sustainability of energy. Our tailored program combines expert support, access to a global network, and the physical resources for participants to scale. We’re excited to help these companies accelerate their market traction.

Managing Director Dale Winger

Matrix Sensors

Matrix Sensors uses a new class of gas-adsorbing materials known as metal-organic frameworks to develop the world’s first quantitative gas sensor on a chip. The touch-free technology enables advancements in sensor size, power, cost, and performance to address limitations of current gas sensor technologies, which require manual calibration every six months.

With Halliburton’s global reach, we can apply our technology to some of the biggest problems facing the energy sector today, including CO2 sensors for energy efficient buildings and methane sensors for leak detection.

Matrix Sensors CEO Steve Yamamoto

Renew Power Systems

RPSi is a U.S.-based, clean-tech company that develops hardware and software solutions that enable flexible and sustainable grid infrastructure.  RPSi uses power electronics to connect renewable energy resources, such as wind and solar, with each other and the grid.

Our mission is to help change the way the world generates and distributes energy. With RPSi technology, a diverse range of domestic and global communities will benefit from the acceleration of renewable energy resources that work with new and existing grid infrastructure and improve access to affordable, sustainable, and resilient electricity.

CEO Zach Emond


SunGreenH2 builds high-performance hardware for electrolyzer cells, stacks, and systems that increase hydrogen production, decrease energy use, and reduce platinum group metals use. The company supplies hardware components for alkaline and proton-exchange membrane electrolyzers. Its modular, high-efficiency anion exchange membrane (AEM) electrolyzer stack, which is being commercialized, uses renewable power to produce low-cost green hydrogen for industries, transport, and energy storage.

We are excited to unlock the future of green hydrogen production. With the help of Halliburton’s engineering and manufacturing expertise, we plan to commercialize and roll out our product in major international markets.

Tulika Raj, Co-founder and CEO

The next Halliburton Labs Finalists Pitch Day is Friday, Jan. 27 from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. CT at The Ion in Houston. The event will include pitches from 10 innovative, early-stage energy tech companies. To attend or watch via online broadcast, please register here.

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