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H2 Energy Europe obtained environmental approval for a large green hydrogen production facility in Denmark


H2 Energy Europe obtained environmental approval for a large green hydrogen production facility in Denmark

The approval issued for the facility, which will have a 1 GW electrolysis capacity, is said to be a significant milestone, bringing the project closer to a final investment decision (FID).

Source: Offshore Energy

According to H2 Energy Europe, the planned facility will support the decarbonization of heavy industries and road transportation, while also serving as chemical feedstock for the production of sustainable e-fuels like methanol and ammonia, advancing Europe’s green transition.

In addition to creating approximately 60 permanent jobs and up to 700 jobs during the construction phase, the facility will also produce CO2-neutral surplus heat, which has the potential to supply the majority of households in Esbjerg with district heating.

Jesper Frost Rasmussen, the mayor of Esbjerg municipality, said the environmental approval granted to the upcoming hydrogen plant by H2 Energy Europe is of immense significance for Esbjerg, positioning it as a leading green business city in Europe.

H2 Energy Europe will play a pivotal role in attracting additional Power-to-X (PtX) companies to Esbjerg. However, there remains a need for clarity regarding the placement of the hydrogen pipeline and its expected establishment, which are critical for the realisation of a robust hydrogen industry in Denmark. We hope for a resolution on these matters very soon, further advancing the region’s green energy ambitions.

Jesper Frost Rasmussen, the mayor of Esbjerg

While this approval represents a significant milestone for Denmark in leading the way in Power-to-X technology, H2 Energy Europe noted it acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead.

Our foremost priority is the safety of our operations. Achieving an environmental approval for a project of this size and at such an early stage in the year highlights our commitment to ensuring the well-being of our community. It also reflects the supportive and forward-thinking approach of Esbjerg municipality. We are deeply grateful for their cooperation and shared vision in making this project a reality.

Mark Pedersen, Operations Manager at H2 Energy Europe

The significance of the proposed pipeline, slated for completion by 2028, cannot be overstated, as it will play a vital role in distributing the green hydrogen produced by the facility to other countries in Europe, bolstering Denmark’s economy, the company concluded.

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