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Germany unveils nationwide hydrogen pipeline network plan


Germany unveils nationwide hydrogen pipeline network plan

Germany is preparing a 20-year incentives program for the operation of a 9,700-kilometer hydrogen transmission grid. The pipelines and interconnections with neighboring countries are scheduled to be completed in phases, between 2025 and 2032.

Source: BalkanGreenEnergyNews

Two weeks after the Netherlands began the construction of a hydrogen transmission network, Germany presented a plan for 9,700 kilometers of pipelines. The government is preparing a 20-year incentives scheme, set to last until 2055, to spur supply and demand.

The transmission grid is scheduled to be built by 2032. Retrofitted fossil gas pipelines are planned to make up 60%, which considerably lowers costs. The cabinet is preparing a law to accelerate the process, similar to the construction of liquefied gas terminals after Russia invaded Ukraine.

Demand for hydrogen in Germany is seen at between 95 TWh and 130 TWh in 2030, but the transmission network is envisaged to have an exit capacity of 270 TWh per year.

The plan involves setting up land-based interconnections with all neighboring countries. Germany is also participating in projects for hydrogen pipelines under the North Sea.

Additionally, Germany and the Netherlands signed declarations of intent to install four hydrogen interconnectors on their border by 2032, launch a framework for private cross-border projects in the segment, and purchase green hydrogen jointly from abroad through the platform operated by Germany’s H2Global Foundation.

The two governments said they would spend EUR 300 million each on ten-year contracts from 2027.

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