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Gazprom is considering creating a network of mini methanol plants at remote fields


Gazprom is considering creating a network of mini methanol plants at remote fields

Gazprom is working on the possibility of launching a network of small-scale methanol production plants at gas production facilities in Eastern Siberia. The pilot project can be implemented at the Chayansdinsky OGCF.

As deputy director of the NIIK Moscow office Elena Afanaseva reported, the design institute commissioned Gazprom to justify investments in a project to build a low-tonnage methanol plant at the Chayansdinsky OGCF. The plant capacity is 15 thousand tons of methanol per year.

Methanol is an important technological component, it is the most common inhibitor of hydrate formation, as it has the best price / technological efficiency ratio. It is used both in the extraction and transportation of oil and gas

Elena Afanasieva, Deputy Director, NIIK Moscow Office

Gazprom’s plans include the creation of a whole network of mini-plants for producing methanol at key consumption points that will work on the gas produced at the fields. E. Afanasyeva stressed that the feasibility of this business idea is primarily due to the complexity of transporting methanol to remote mining areas.

An alternative to the transportation of methanol from the central regions is the construction of block-modular plants for low-tonnage production of methanol in the gas condensate and oil and gas condensate industries. We are currently seeing an increase in demand for low-power methanol plants

Elena Afanasieva, Deputy Director, NIIK Moscow Office

On June 19, NIIK received information on the assignment of a patent for a block-modular methanol production unit by catalytic synthesis of low power. Unlike other schemes patented in Russia, the NIIK project contains a number of additions: an initial gas preparation unit, gas desulfurization, and reforming for a more complete conversion of methane homologs.

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