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FutureOn partners with Oliasoft to launch software offering in oil and gas


FutureOn partners with Oliasoft to launch software offering in oil and gas

FutureOn, the global software company and digital twin pioneer, has partnered with the cloud-based well planning company, Oliasoft, to launch a software offering designed to disrupt business as usual across the oil and gas industry, and revolutionise subsea planning - oilreviewmiddleeast

The new integrated solution, Well Assist, provides field planners and drilling engineers with a unique mix of capability, flexibility and insight from the earliest stages of feasibility studies, through to detailed subsea design, and into production.

The result is a data-rich, dependable and interactive approach to well planning that maximises cost efficiencies and collaboration while reducing risks, and enabling the fastest and most economic path to first oil.

The tool combines FutureOn's next-generation digital twin technologies, including FieldTwin Design 6.0, which bring real-time 3D planning into play from the earliest stages of project feasibility, with Oliasoft's proven engineering software, which is designed to seamlessly connect every link in the well planning calculation chain.

The integrated tool is fully compliant with industry standards and offers the ability to design, visualise, test and accurately cost field concepts from the topside to the target zone via a real-life, immersive subsea experience – all on desktop.

Well Assist gives engineers and planners complete control over each step of the field planning and well design journey by providing an information-rich geospatial environment that reflects GIS mapping data, bathymetry and existing infrastructure.

Jostein Lien, senior vice-president of products at FutureOn, said, “By leveraging the building blocks of subsea design, specific coordinates, incline and azimuth – with the power of digital twin technology and industry-specific algorithms, Well Assist offers an unprecedented level of capability for field planners and drilling engineers.

Features, which can be enhanced by asset operator input and tailored to specific project requirements, include high-level algorithms, well-head placement and bespoke data sets etc.

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