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“Future of the hydrogen industry”

Daniel Phillips

Director Markets Development Strategy

Air Liquide

At the Go Net Zero Energy Globuc team had a chance to talk to Daniel Phillips Director Markets Development Strategy at Air Liquide about the future of hydrogen industry and the role methanol and e-methanol play in the energy transition.

Air Liquide is one the leaders in developing the hydrogen industry. What the pressing challenges the inudstry is facing today?

There's a number of things that need to take place for the industry to really take off.

It's not just about production. It's about the entire infrastructure chain - from production to distribution and the effective transport of hydrogen to end users.

We need to have the right incentives in place to enable the development of this infrastructure and development of the technologies.

What role do methanol and e-methanol play in the energy transition?

E-methanol is an exciting molecule for the number of reasons.

First, methanol today is a critical that's used in the building block for a number of different polymers.

Secondly, methanol can be used for an efficient hydrogen carrier in transportation, Air Liquide has a unique technology that allows us to go all the way from the production of hydrogen, through electrolysis, carbon capture using our own technology, CO2 to methanol process. So that we can make the full value chain for e methanol possible.

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