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European Commission releases new rules on calculating biofuels and biogas


European Commission releases new rules on calculating biofuels and biogas

In Belgium, new rules on how to calculate the contribution of biofuels and biogas in blended transport fuel to the EU renewable energy target in transport have been adopted by the European Commission on Monday. The delegated regulation, foreseen under Article 28(5) of the Renewable Energy Directive, links to the requirement for EU countries to ensure that the share of renewable energy in the final consumption of energy in transport is at least 14% by 2030.

Source: BioFuelsDigest

This co-processing methodology enables economic operators to calculate the contribution of biofuels and biogas to the renewable energy target in transport by determining what proportion is used when mixed with fossil fuels.

The verification is based on radiocarbon (14C) testing as a main common harmonised testing method.

owever, some flexibility is allowed to also use other testing methods, which may be company-specific or process-specific, in combination with radiocarbon (14C) testing.

The delegated act also provides basic rules for carrying out the certification of economic operators that will be using the co-processing methodology.

The delegated act draws on the results of several consultations undertaken by the Commission, including a meeting of the Expert Group on Renewable Fuels and a stakeholder workshop, and public feedback through the Better Regulation portal. It was also subject to the standard scrutiny of the European Parliament and the Council.

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