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Eni Versalis and Crocco Collaborate for Food Packaging from Chemical Recycling


Eni Versalis and Crocco Collaborate for Food Packaging from Chemical Recycling

Crocco and Versalis collaborate to create food packaging film from recycled plastics, promoting resource efficiency and sustainability.

Source: Eni Versalis

Crocco a pioneer in flexible packaging, and Versalis, Eni's chemical company, have initiated a collaboration to manufacture food packaging film. This film is partly produced from raw materials derived from recycling post-consumer plastics, with a mass production target for the large-scale retail market.

The packaging is produced from Balance®, a product supplied by Versalis. It allows for the creation a recycled film suitable for food contact while preserving essential technical performance and safety characteristics for food packaging.

“Circularity is one of the pillars of our strategy and we are committed to developing complementary technologies in the area of mechanical and chemical polymer recycling,” commented Versalis CEO Adriano Alfani: “Diversification of raw materials allows us to offer the market low-carbon solutions, making sustainable use of resources a reality, partly thanks to supply chain collaborations such as this innovation with our business partner Crocco.”  

The creation of packaging that includes material from chemical recycling promotes more resource-efficient management. It contributes to a significant reduction in the usage of virgin resources and aligns with Versalis' circular economy and sustainability objectives.

“This new technology,” adds Renato Zelcher, CEO of Crocco, “for the production of safe and efficient recycled packaging opens up important new frontiers for the circular economy in the highly-regulated food industry. We are proud to have started this Made in Italy supply chain with Versalis.” 

Chemical recycling can regenerate plastics to a virgin state, meeting the high purity and safety standards required by legislation for materials intended for food contact.

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