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Enhancing green hydrogen economy through digitalisation


Enhancing green hydrogen economy through digitalisation

Aveva, a global leader in industrial software, has been selected by Topsoe, a leader in carbon emission reduction, to develop decarbonisation solutions needed for the production green hydrogen and other carbon neutral fuels.

Source: Zawya

Topsoe will use Aveva Process Simulation to model its Solid Oxide Electrolyser Cells (SOECs) with a view to optimising their design and developing their control strategy.

To achieve global NetZero targets, a rapid decarbonisation of all industries is essential, however not all of them can be easily electrified. These industries are often referred to as the hard-to-abate sectors and include heavy transportation such as shipping and aviation but also carbon intensive industries like steel manufacturing and petrochemical production.

SOEC based electrolysers

The challenge is finding and replacing fossil fuels with carbon-free alternatives. This is where Topsoe can help, and by using Topsoe’s highly efficient SOEC based electrolysers, it’s possible to produce the green hydrogen needed to decarbonise many of these carbon intensive industries.

Time is of the essence, and with its flexibility, open modelling, and ease of use, Aveva Process Simulation is helping accelerate the energy transition by enabling Topsoe’s engineers to design and optimise their electrolysers with increased speed and efficiency.

Green hydrogen is essential for decarbonising industries that cannot be easily electrified, and there is no time to waste if we’re to succeed in achieving global NetZero targets. Topsoe is already leading the way by building the world’s largest SOEC electrolyser manufacturing facility, enabling us to deliver green hydrogen technologies Power-to-X solutions at industrial scale. The Aveva Process Simulation software is a gamechanger for us, with its dynamic simulations we’re removing bottlenecks and speeding up the development of our solutions.

Poul Georg Moses, Chief Technology Officer in Power-to-X at Topsoe

Low-carbon solutions at scale

Successful energy transition will depend on how quickly industries can deliver low-carbon solutions at scale. We designed Aveva Process Simulation to accelerate the engineering cycle, so innovations can be executed fast and deliver immediate carbon reductions.

Tobias Scheele, Senior Vice President of Products at Aveva

Topsoe is a long-term Aveva customer, using Aveva PRO/II Simulation (formerly PRO/II) and Aveva Dynamic Simulation (formerly DYNSIM) for decades. The Denmark-headquartered company is now adopting Aveva Process Simulation so its engineers can design sustainable solutions as the global push towards net-zero emissions spurs demand for green energy products.

Aveva is committed to partnering with our customers to deliver a more sustainable and equitable future for all through technology. We recognise that the choices and actions taken in this decade by global industry will have impacts now and for generations to come. We are excited to be able to help accelerate the energy transition through the combination of our software and Topsoe’s innovative technology.

Lisa Wee, Global Head of Sustainability at Aveva

Global electrolyser manufacturing

As of 2021, global electrolyser manufacturing capacity is insufficient to meet net-zero requirements, according to the International Energy Agency. At present alkaline and proton exchange membrane electrolysers account for the majority of production, with less than 0.1% of today’s hydrogen produced through electrolysis.

As renewable energy becomes increasingly available at lower costs, Topsoe’s ultra-high-efficiency SOEC electrolysers help maximise the delivery of clean hydrogen: the units deliver up to 30% more hydrogen from the same electricity volume at a 30% lower cost.

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