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Eigen has built a digital drilling operations portal for Lundin Petroleum


Eigen has built a digital drilling operations portal for Lundin Petroleum

UK software company Eigen has built a digital drilling operations portal for Lundin Petroleum and a digitalized engineering support project for oil and gas operator Chrysaor - Digital Energy Journal posts.

The aim of the digital drilling operations platform is to give people a much easier way to understand the current status, reduce 'e-mail clutter', and make it easier to share accurate information between departments.

The portal will go a long way towards making platform operatives more efficient and helping them to spend less time looking for information

Martin Westeng, Project Lead, Lundin

Managers can get an overview picture of all their rigs, what they are doing, how far they have drilled, how productive they are (e.g. in feet per day) and associated financial data.

The portal can show the costs of various delays - so people can immediately see that the delay waiting for delivery of a part has cost hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The system can scrape data out of drilling reports which are sent from the rig every day. All the offshore crew needs to do is send it to one more e-mail address

Murray Callander, CEO, Eigen

The hardest part of the software development work was bringing together multiple pieces of data together so you can display something clearly, such as the time depth curve, how the drilling progressed over time.

The contract between Eigen and Lundin is defined as 'Development as a Service (DAAS),' where Eigen agrees to continually develop the software, adding features that the client requests.

Eigen has been Lundin's digitalization partner since 2015 and has developed a number of operations dashboards, including giving real-time visibility of people offshore.

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