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Drilling automation by a new electrified drilling system

Drilling automation by a new electrified drilling system

TDE Group has joined the Dragons' Den Technology Contest to demonstrate its innovative solutions in digital transformation.

Harald Freissmuth, CEO at TDE GROUP, is going to speak about the drilling automation by a new electrified drilling system.

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Presentation abstract

Reduced well construction costs and better performing wells is today’s industry mandate. This requires drilling optimization and automation, which can be achieved through digital transformation.

The new PDS drilling system delivers electrical power from the surface to downhole tools and real-time high-speed drilling data. PDS enables multi-source integration of downhole tools and advisory software. 

This new digital drilling system has a significant value proposal: faster, more cost efficient drilling of wells with higher production rates, lowering the break-even cost at the wellhead. 

PDS increases the drilling efficiency and reduces well time, reducing both chemical and carbon emissions, making drilling more eco-friendly.

About TDE Group

TDE Group is the independent, data-driven technology and service provider for global digital transformation in the oil and gas drilling industry.

TDE is shifting the drilling world from surface centric data models to fully integrated predictive downhole models - based on high quality real-time downhole data aggregation and analysis. TDE is the only company worldwide providing Digital Drilling Intelligence to anticipate and solve downhole challenges based on real-time data.

Find out more on TDE Group website.

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