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DNV GL to advise Lundin Petroleum on an acquisition of a wind farm in Finland


DNV GL to advise Lundin Petroleum on an acquisition of a wind farm in Finland

DNV GL acts as an adviser to Lundin Petroleum and Sval Energi for the acquisition of the third-largest wind farm in Finland - the company informs on its website.

DNV GL supported the acquisition of the Metsälamminkangas wind farm by providing technical advisory and due diligence, including assessment of the project’s risks and opportunities and participation in contract negotiations. The wind farm will be the third-largest in the country, following the start of operation in 2022.

DNV GL has acted as a technical advisor to Lundin Petroleum and Sval Energi in their acquisition of the 132 MW Metsälamminkangas wind farm in Vaala, North Ostrobothnia, Finland.

It consists of 24 GE Renewable Energy 5.5-158 turbines (5.5 MW and 158 m rotor diameter) with a 141m and 151m hub height and will have an expected yearly energy production of 400 GWh per annum. Once in operation in 2022, the wind farm will be the third-largest in Finland.

Acting as a technical advisor throughout the transaction phase, DNV GL’s team of experts ensured a quick and sound assessment of the project’s risks and opportunities.

The Metsälamminkangas wind farm marks the beginning of a new chapter for Sval Energi. We would like to thank DNV GL for their great support in making this possible for us.

Abdelkarim Abbou, CEO, Sval Energi

DNV GL actively participated in contract negotiations and proposed mitigating actions to improve the robustness of the project. DNV GL will continue as a technical advisor for the investors during the construction of the wind farm.

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