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“Digital drilling in the Middle East: discussing drilling challenges and future prospects”

Gerhard Thonhauser


TDE Group

Interview with Gerhard Thonhauser, CEO, TDE Group about the autonomous drilling in the Middle East.

Gerhard will be participating in the Dragons' Den Style competition to present the most innovative technologies for the energy sector.

About TDE Group:

TDE Group is a data-driven technology and service provider for the oil and gas industry, at the forefront of digital transformation. TDE has been a provider of innovative technology solutions for 20 years with the aim to drastically enhance the drilling and production performance of oil and gas wells. More than 140 companies trust TDE’s products worldwide with unprecedented O&G expertise and digital domain know-how.

TDE delivers the longest serving drilling performance analytics service “proNova”, the most accurate and proficient of its kind, and the world’s first integrated digital drilling system, the Powerline Drill String (PDS).

PDS will deliver faster, more cost-efficient, and safer wells with higher O&G production rates, lowering the break-even cost at the wellhead. The system will allow for automation, increase drilling efficiency, and reduce well times in both complex offshore and standard land well environments. PDS reduces both chemical and carbon emissions, making drilling more eco-friendly.

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