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Data acquisition using drones, laser scanning and advance remote sensing techniques


Data acquisition using drones, laser scanning and advance remote sensing techniques

Geomatex has joined the Dragons' Den Technology Contest to demonstrate its innovative solutions in the domain of creating Intelligent Reality Models.

Ezzat Sabry, Managing Director, Geomatex is going to address the topic of leveraging the value of Reality Modeling in creating intelligent Digital Twins.

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The presentation overview

Infrastructure asset owners and their teams have recognized the potential for leveraging digital twins in many ambitious use cases including the application of analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in simulations and decision support throughout the lifecycle of design, construction, and operations.

To realize this potential, representations of assets need obviously to be digital—but to be safely relied upon as a twin there must be practical solutions for their synchronization to changing actual conditions in the real world. Moreover, merely capturing and representing physical conditions, including IoT inputs, can never be sufficient to understand, analyze, or model intended improvements, without also comprehending the “digital DNA” captured in the project or asset’s engineering specifications.

To actually be worthwhile, therefore, would-be digital twins for existing infrastructure must reliably synchronize reflections of both an asset’s physical reality, and its “virtuality” (engineering data). A digital twin can meet this requirement by geospatially converging the digital context (representing the physical) and digital components (representing the virtual), naturally resulting in an immersive environment for both visualization and analytics visibility. 

To date, however, the evolving 3D physical reality of an as-operated asset has been too formidably difficult to capture digitally, let alone to keep up-to-date. Meanwhile, as-operated engineering information tends to be unavailable or at best, dated, as an assortment of effectively inaccessible “dark data” in either opaque engineering files or unintelligent document formats. Bentley has now surmounted both of these challenges, with the confluence of its reality modeling, Digital Twins, and web-visibility technologies.   

Geomatex supports the continual renewal of infrastructure through Modeling Realities with their technologies that simulate reality and the way Plant and materials behave; flow, pressure and weather visually affect a design; users, process flow and even the way preventive maintenance is handled.

You can find more information about Geomatex on the website.