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Danish plastic waste facility opens, aiming for 160,000 tons yearly


Danish plastic waste facility opens, aiming for 160,000 tons yearly

Quantafuel and Eurazeo launched ReSource Denmark, a large-scale plastic sorting facility in Esbjerg. Capable of handling 160,000 tons of plastic waste per year, it also sorts metals and cartons. With advanced equipment from Eggersmann, the eco-friendly facility aims for DGNB Gold certification, supporting Denmark's recycling goals and decreasing plastic incineration.

Source: Packaging Europe

Quantafuel and Eurazeo have opened ReSource Denmark, a significant plastic sorting facility in Esbjerg, Denmark. The facility can process 160,000 tons of plastic waste annually, enhancing the country's recycling capabilities.

Provided by Eggersmann, the advanced sorting equipment increases recycling rates by removing impurities and categorising plastics for recycling. The facility also sorts metals and food and beverage cartons.

ReSource Denmark is pursuing DGNB Gold certification for its eco-friendly design and construction. It features solar panels, rainwater systems, and energy-efficient lighting and heating. The facility also aims to meet Denmark's recycling targets and reduce plastic incineration.

The facility was inaugurated by Jesper Frost Rasmussen, Esbjerg's mayor, and Marianne Bigum, a Member of the Danish Parliament. Plant Director Lars Hedegaard praised the facility's role in promoting a circular economy.

Jørn Andersen, Quantafuel’s project director, expressed pride in the opening and thanked project contributors, including Rambøll, Jorton, and Eggersmann.

In related news, last year, Swedish Plastic Recycling opened its Site Zero plant, and Carbios held a groundbreaking ceremony for its bio-recycling plant.

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