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Circular Plastics Fund Welcomes New Investors – Infinity Recycling


Circular Plastics Fund Welcomes New Investors – Infinity Recycling

Infinity Recycling announced the successful closing of a new round of commitments to their Circular Plastics Fund. The new investors include Vopak Ventures B.V., Westlake Innovations, a subsidiary of Westlake Corporation, and Dutch multi-family office Commenda.

Source: Infinity Recycling

The Luxembourg-registered Circular Plastics Fund (CPF) has an initial target size of EUR 150 million. CPF is an Article 9 ‘dark green’ impact fund, under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

Its investments aim to accelerate the transition to a circular economy of plastics by scaling up advanced recycling technology companies that transform plastic waste streams into primary commodities used for the production of new plastics.

"We are pleased to partner with Infinity Recycling in our efforts to support the chemical industry to become more sustainable. Advanced recycling of plastics is a key aspect of our strategy to accelerate towards new energies and sustainable feedstocks. We believe that this will play an important role in the future of the chemical industry and are excited to contribute."

Walter Moone, president New Energies and LNG at Vopak

Infinity Recycling was established to create markets for end-of-life waste streams by investing in waste valorization technologies. Their first offering, the Circular Plastic Fund, makes a significant contribution to solving the plastic waste problem and unlocking much-needed capacity in high-demand recycled commodities.

"Westlake is proud and glad to join the Circular Plastics Fund in its mission to repurpose plastic waste and promote a circular economy," - said John Chao, Vice President, and Managing Director, Westlake Innovations.

"By investing in innovative companies that can help repurpose plastic waste, the Circular Plastics Fund is not only helping to protect the environment but also creating new opportunities for economic growth and job creation"

Jeroen Kelder, Managing Partner at Infinity Recycling.

The Fund implements a return-driven investment strategy that drives value creation in advanced recycling and accelerates the conversion to a circular economy for plastics.

The Circular Plastics Fund, catalyses the world’s transition to a closed-loop plastics economy in which residual polymer waste streams, representing over 85% of the global plastic waste, are converted into building blocks for the manufacturing of new plastics. The Fund’s strategy aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the plastics economy and contribute to eliminating the world’s plastic waste problem.

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