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Chevron picks Kongsberg to digitalise its global assets


Chevron picks Kongsberg to digitalise its global assets

Norwegian digital solutions provider Kongsberg Digital has been hired by Chevron Technical Center, a division of Chevron – a U.S.-headquartered energy giant – to handle the digitalisation of the oil major’s global assets with digital twin technology.

Source: Offshore Energy

Kongsberg Digital reported on Monday, 6 March 2023, that it had entered into a strategic, multi-year agreement with Chevron to digitalise its global assets, using Kongsberg Digital’s digital twin technology. 

According to the company, the contract, which was signed in January 2023, represents expansions of work performed on contracts signed in 2021, with a committed multiple-asset deployment plan and further applications to enrich Chevron’s user experiences. 

We are extremely pleased with this agreement, and we are proud to support Chevron in adopting digital twins for its global operations. This agreement represents both at-scale delivery of digital twin technology to Chevron’s global business units, and beyond that a multi-year journey of innovation. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey with Chevron.

Shane McArdle, CEO, Kongsberg Digital

The digital twin solution is expected to aid Chevron in work planning and project execution, enabling faster troubleshooting, reduced cost, decision making, and lower personal and process safety risk.

Regarding Kongsberg Digital’s recent activities, it is worth noting that the firm signed an agreement in September 2022 on the Vessel Insight infrastructure with Gaslog LNG, a Bermuda-based provider of LNG shipping services.

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