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Bulgarian PM in Romania: It is a great opportunity to buy liquefied gas together


Bulgarian PM in Romania: It is a great opportunity to buy liquefied gas together

The Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov and the delegation that visited Kyiv arrived in Bucharest yesterday on a flight from Warsaw. - Novinite

In the Romanian capital, the prime minister met with Romanian counterpart Nicolae Ciuca, President Klaus Iohannis and EU Transport Commissioner Adina Valean.

The talks focused on the war in Ukraine and gas supplies to Bulgaria and Romania.

I want to thank you for your hospitality and friendship. Today our government came to Bucharest from three places - Kyiv, Brussels and Baku. This proves the hard work we all have on challenges such as - energy crisis, war in Ukraine, emerging food crisis, which is why it is so important today that Bulgaria and Romania are not only good neighbors but also good partners. We have identified specific steps with specific deadlines.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov

Joining Schengen is a huge priority for us - to move together and not to delay the next steps.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov

Most likely this fall we will have gas through the interconnector with Greece.

Romanian Prime Minister

On May 5 in Sofia we will hold a regional meeting of energy ministers on the potential for securing gas supplies - from Azerbaijan, Turkey. We hope that at this meeting decisions will be made and conclusions will be drawn at the regional level.

Kiril Petkov

The pipeline that used to bring gas through Romania and Bulgaria to Turkey can now run in the opposite direction. And the opportunity to buy liquefied gas together is great, because the price levels will be different. Our partners from Azerbaijan are also possible partners. I am confident that the physical completion of the interconnector with Greece will be in June.

Kiril Petkov explained

The Prime Minister of Romania Nicolae Ciuca highlighted the main points of the topics discussed during the conversation with his Bulgarian counterpart Kiril Petkov:

  • The transport programs - we had two main goals, based on a memorandum on the construction of a second Giurgiu-Ruse bridge and the start of the Danube dredging project. In a very short period of time, the Bulgarian part of the Danube bridge will be repaired. We have agreed to open a ferry border checkpoint, which will help overcome the limitations caused by the work on the maintenance of the bridge.
  • Larger number of bridges - by the end of next week to establish a joint group with specialists from the Ministry of Transport of the two countries to discuss the possibilities.
  • Bilateral analysis of common resources and capacities so that we can find common solutions
  • The entry into the Schengen area should be achieved through joint efforts, using all diplomatic instruments, to convince the community that we can, that we meet the conditions and standards, and that we can be accepted.
  • Moldova is the most vulnerable country in terms of security, and we have agreed to provide the necessary assistance. Together, we will support the European path of Ukraine and Moldova and Georgia.

We all together support Moldova and will be their partner on their path to the EU.

added Kiril Petkov

We will not recommend Romanian citizens to leave Moldova.

Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca

The delegation included Deputy Prime Ministers Asen Vassilev and Borislav Sandov, Defense Minister Dragomir Zakov, Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov and Deputy Transport and Communications Minister Vladimir Varbanov.

’We Continue the Change’ will vote to provide military-technical assistance to Ukraine. President Zelensky asked for a very specific technical assistance, and that will be to repair the military machines. We believe that Ms. Ninova will not leave the coalition.

This is how Prime Minister Petkov answered a journalist's question regarding the statement of the BSP leader Kornelia Ninova regarding the military aid to Ukraine

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