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BEWI Boosts EPS Recycling with New Swedish Facility


BEWI Boosts EPS Recycling with New Swedish Facility

BEWI, a leading provider of sustainable packaging and insulation, has significantly enhanced its recycling capacity with the inauguration of a new circular hub in Norrköping, Sweden. This development aligns with the increasing global demand for products with recycled content and further solidifies BEWI's commitment towards a circular economy.

Source: Packaging Gateway

BEWI, a sustainable packaging and insulation provider, has expanded its recycling capacity with a new circular hub in Norrköping, Sweden. Equipped with advanced recycling extrusion technology, this hub will boost the use of recycled materials in BEWI's operations.

The Norrköping facility is a major step towards BEWI's goal of becoming a fully circular company, demonstrating its commitment to a circular economy.

The new factory will increase BEWI's expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling by 40%. Strategically located for efficient logistics, the hub also reduces BEWI's carbon dioxide emissions by incorporating recycled materials into its products.

Aljosa Krizman, head of BEWI Circular, said, "We're well-positioned to meet the rising demand for products with recycled content, driven by market and legislation.

BEWI aims to increase the collection and use of recycled EPS in response to customer demand for circular solutions and legislative demands for recycled content.

BEWI has prioritized circularity since 2018, collecting and recycling used EPS packaging and insulation materials. In 2023, it recycled approximately 27,000 tonnes of used EPS, accounting for about 90% of its produced fish boxes.

BEWI CEO Christian Bekken said, "We effectively contribute to increased recycling and establish a closed-loop system with the Norrköping hub, expanding our product offering and strengthening our market position."

Earlier this year, BEWI launched new EPS raw material grades and EPS fish boxes with superior environmental footprints.

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