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Bentley Systems and Siemens are developing an application delivering operational digital twins


Bentley Systems and Siemens are developing an application delivering operational digital twins

Bentley Systems is developing an application with Siemens which delivers operational digital twins as a result of downstream in operations, said Dick Larkin, global strategic advisor for oil, gas and process industries at Bentley Systems to Pipeline Magazine.

We spent the last three years developing an application with Siemens called “PlantSight” which integrates into our project delivery, data environment and also into Siemens’s (COMOS) environment to deliver operational digital twin and therefore performance digital twin as a result of that downstream in operations.

Dick Larkin, global strategic advisor for oil, gas and process industries, Bentley Systems

He added that Bentley Systems and Siemens have a lot of common ground on the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and a common goal of bringing operational expertise into an area of technology.

According to Dick Larkin, “PlantSight” application “predominantly provides solutions to be able to capture existing assets — one of the challenges the operations has especially in this region is there is an awful lot of information that exists but is not digital and the barrier of the digital transformation journey is how you can capture that and convert it into a digital environment.”

Yet, he added that when it comes to the industrial revolution 4.0, a lot of people talk about disruption, but it should not be as disruptive as some people think but make it easier to create an environment to be able to build information in.

So our approach has been to use our open source environment called ‘iModelHub’, which allows you to bring information into a situation that can be used by anybody. It’s not proprietary, it’s not large, it’s flexible and it stays connected. So once you create a repository, you can maintain that information up-to-date on a daily basis instead of having to reload information all the time. So it’s always looking for changes in the information model it’s got and only using that small delta change to keep it up to date.

Dick Larkin

He said that one of the challenges over the years in the transition from project delivery into operations has always resulted in serious dumb-down of data.

So you create all the information for the project in intelligent systems containing attribution of many, many types and when that handover takes place, it’s dumbed down into Excel spreadsheets etc. and then the operator has to build up value in that information to make it work for them in operations.

Dick Larkin

Bentley Systems believes the iModelHub is going to be a game-changer because it gives access to data that currently, nobody can access.

iModelHub is available on the cloud as well as on-premise, which allows the user to make the decision and plan for that transition, which is an important one, whether they feel comfortable using the cloud or investing in building that information model up in a deployed fashion so later it can be pushed to the cloud.

One of the barriers in IT adoption has been this disruption within the IT organisation to not want to adopt change and the CEOs have been aware of the industry 4.0 and they’re pushing their IT people to make changes in terms of possible disruption but they need to do that in a secure way without invalidating all information again and again. Because when these changes are done, you begin to lose the integrity of the information that you’re trying to bring in.

Dick Larkin

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