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Baker Hughes and Petronas to deploy industrial digital capabilities in Malaysia


Baker Hughes and Petronas to deploy industrial digital capabilities in Malaysia

Baker Hughes and PETRONAS have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2022 to collaborate on industrial and oil and gas artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to accelerate the energy company’s sustainability goals. - Baker Hughes

The two companies will collaborate as part of Petronas AI Center of Excellence (AI CoE) in Malaysia to complement the current operational expertise and AI capabilities of PETRONAS with the scalable oil and gas AI and machine learning (ML) technologies of BHC3. In addition, Baker Hughes will share its domain expertise and best practices in the areas of industrial asset management, standards, processes and change management.   

Applying their combined strengths, the two companies aim to develop capabilities that will help optimize PETRONAS’ assets, operational processes, and business operations through improved uptime, increased operational flexibility, capital planning, and energy efficiency management.

The complex challenges of the energy transition require new forms of collaboration. Digital technologies will be an important part of the answer in driving efficiency, safety and performance of industrial assets. This collaboration with PETRONAS marks a step forward in our growth strategy to provide differentiated solutions for industrial assets.

Judit Prieto, Vice President of Industrial Asset Management at Baker Hughes

This announcement builds on the earlier news of Baker Hughes’ industrial asset management ecosystem with C3 AI.

With the culmination of this MOU signing, we are excited for greater achievements in our AI journey as we join forces in understanding customers’ needs and uncovering significant outcomes across key areas such as operational resilience, human safety, and energy sustainability. The AI CoE will leverage on diverse expertise from our internal resources and other industry players to grow an ecosystem that accelerates value delivery and cultivates AI talent. 

Aadrin Azly, Chief Digital Officer of Petronas

The AI CoE will further accelerate and mature AI as a part of its overall digital transformation journey for improved oil and gas productivity, asset integrity, and safety at Petronas, further supporting its commitment to provide cleaner, efficient energy solutions.

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