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Baker Hughes collaborates with C3 AI, Accenture and Microsoft on industrial asset management solutions


Baker Hughes collaborates with C3 AI, Accenture and Microsoft on industrial asset management solutions

Energy technology company Baker Hughes is collaborating with C3 AI, Accenture and Microsoft on industrial asset management (IAM) solutions for clients in the energy and industrial sectors. - BakerHughes

The collaboration will focus on creating and deploying Baker Hughes IAM solutions that use digital technologies to help improve the safety, efficiency, and emissions profile of industrial machines, field equipment, and other physical assets. Applying their individual strengths, the four companies will collaborate on Baker Hughes IAM capabilities that help optimize plant equipment, operational processes, and business operations through improved uptime, increased operational flexibility, capital planning, and energy efficiency management.

The solutions will be designed for industries including oil and gas; renewable energy and thermal power generation; metals and mining; chemicals; and pulp and paper.

Baker Hughes, C3 AI, Accenture and Microsoft will also explore collaborating on solutions that help achieve net-zero carbon emissions and decarbonize energy and industrial sectors, including emissions management.

This collaboration accelerates our growth strategy to provide differentiated IAM solutions that enhance our customer’s industrial operations by optimizing the performance of industrial equipment and processes. IAM connects industrial data to domain-specific insights for improved efficiencies and lowered energy use and emissions. We see this as an important step to support the industry’s net-zero targets.

Lorenzo Simonelli, Baker Hughes chairman and CEO

Baker Hughes, C3 AI, Accenture and Microsoft have a history of strategic collaboration, and each company brings specific expertise to accelerate IAM solution development for energy and industrial applications. Baker Hughes will provide domain-specific digital expertise and technology for industrial customers, including leading condition-monitoring software for mission critical machinery, industrial asset strategy advisors, proven machine and equipment edge sensor and related controls capabilities, enterprise AI capabilities from the BakerHughesC3.ai alliance for oil and gas and industrial applications, and proprietary original equipment manufacturer (OEM) analytics. Baker Hughes’ IAM portfolio also includes the recent acquisition of ARMS Reliability and a strategic alliance with Augury.

C3 AI will provide a flexible artificial intelligence (AI) application development platform that complements Baker Hughes technologies as well as extensive experience developing and deploying applications at scale for a wide range of equipment used across industries.

Accenture will help drive product innovation, design and development and provide strategic support and systems integration at scale, drawing on its experience to transform asset management across industries to help improve profitability and reduce risk.

Microsoft will provide secure cloud infrastructure for big data, advanced Microsoft Azure services including AI, Internet of Things (IoT), high performance computing (HPC) as well as modern work and business applications.

This is an important effort, and we’re excited to participate in providing the core Enterprise AI technology. Enterprise AI software is critical for increasing performance and ROI from industrial assets management solutions.

C3 AI Chairman and CEO Thomas M. Siebel

Through this unique collaboration, we are helping companies embed intelligence across their operations to increase performance and safety, advance decarbonization goals, and drive greater innovation and competitiveness.

Julie Sweet, chair and CEO of Accenture

Together, we have a tremendous opportunity to deliver cloud-based technologies across customers’ industrial operations that enable them to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while advancing their net zero goals.

Judson Althoff, Microsoft’s executive vice president and Chief Commercial Officer

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