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Baker Hughes, Amazon Web Services partner to develop automated field production solution for oil and gas industry


Baker Hughes, Amazon Web Services partner to develop automated field production solution for oil and gas industry

Baker Hughes, an energy technology company, signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) to develop, market and sell the cloud-based Leucipa automated field production solution. The initial phase of the solution was introduced at the 2023 Baker Hughes Annual Meeting.

Source: WorldOil

The collaboration leverages AWS services such as advanced analytics and Baker Hughes' expertise in the oil and gas industry to create an automated field production solution designed to allow operators to manage field production.

By automating field production, the Leucipa solution improves performance and energy efficiency, which will reduce emissions. The Leucipa solution also minimizes health and safety exposure by reducing trips to the field. AWS is Baker Hughes’ preferred and recommended cloud provider for the Leucipa automated field production solution.

The Leucipa field production solution is an automated field production solution that sets a new standard in the industry through its automation and scalability, helping our customers deliver on their production targets and reduce emissions.

Maria Claudia Borras, executive vice president of Oilfield Services and Equipment at Baker Hughes

The Leucipa automated field production solution will enable oil and gas operators to address the industry's increasing demand for scalable, automated approaches to increasing production, improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions. The collaboration with AWS allows Baker Hughes to deliver a leading data-driven solution for its customers.

Through this collaboration, we will help transform oil and gas production operations by combining the domain expertise of Baker Hughes with the most comprehensive set of cloud services in the world from AWS. By enabling automated and proactive management of field production operations, the Leucipa automated field production solution will help operators extract maximum value from existing resources, while reducing operational downtime and enhancing overall well performance.

Howard Gefen, general manager, Energy & Utilities, AWS

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