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Avery Dennison to cut CO2 with switch to plastic pallets


Avery Dennison to cut CO2 with switch to plastic pallets

Avery Dennison Labels and Packaging Materials is to switch a substantial portion of its product distribution across Europe to plastic pallets to cut 800 tons of CO2 emissions annually. - PackagingNews

Partnering with Tosca, a reusable plastic packaging and pooling solutions provider, the deal will cover the distribution of materials from Avery Dennison factories and distribution centres across the EU as well as the UK, Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey.

Deployments will gradually phase in over the course of the next year.

Tosca operates a pooling model and delivers clean empty pallets from its service centres located across Europe, to Avery Dennison sites. The service is fully managed with pallets inspected and washed after every rotation by Tosca.

At the end of every year, Avery Dennison and its customers that take part in the pooling program will receive a CO2 emissions reduction certificate.

Tosca predicts that Avery Dennison alone could save 819 tons of CO2 emissions annually by switching all its Euro-sized wooden pallets (1200x800mm) to Tosca.

The pooling program has been a massive success in Ireland and is helping us to reduce our carbon footprint and eliminate waste within the supply chain. Customers appreciate the fact that plastic pallets offer standard quality: they are cleaner (dust-free) and with less risk of damaging their products. Avery Dennison’s and Tosca’s plastic pallet pooling vision doesn’t stop after the pallets arrive to the customer. We encourage customers to take the chance to extend the pooling program further down the supply chain to end-users and help grow the eco system further.

Violeta Gómez, central packaging leader at Avery Dennison

As the largest pooler of plastic pallets in Europe, we deliver a combination of reusable products, a flexible global service network and a committed partnership which will benefit Avery Dennison and its customers.

Felix Van Ouytsel, business development manager

The first plastic pallet test in the Avery Dennison distribution center in Milan.

From left to right: Fabio Turco, Sales Manager Italy at Tosca, Violeta Gómez, Central Packaging Leader at Avery Dennison and Felix Van Ouytsel, Business Development Manager at Tosca.

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