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First type-approval awarded for hydrogen engines


First type-approval awarded for hydrogen engines

Anglo Belgian Corp (ABC) and CMB.Tech have secured type-approval from Lloyd’s Register (LR) for their BeHydro hydrogen-powered dual-fuel engines

Source: Rivieramm

The BeHydro series of hydrogen-powered dual-fuel engines were jointly developed by CMB.Tech and ABC. The new engine series has a capacity of up to 2.7 MW and uses hydrogen when available or conventional fuels, offering flexibility for vessel propulsion. ABC said shipowners can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 85% using this dual-fuel technology.

This LR type-approval confirms the reliability and safety of the BeHydro/ABC engines. The dual-fuel hydrogen engines are ready for all marine applications worldwide.

Tim Berckmoes, Chief Executive, ABC Engines

One of the first applications for these BeHydro engines is on the world’s first hydrogen-fuelled tugboat, Hydrotug 1, which is starting operations in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges this quarter after completing sea and fuel trials in Ostend, Belgium in October.

Mr Berckmoes said LR’s approval paves the way for BeHydro to develop larger capacity hydrogen engines.

The Go Hydrogen attendees will have a unique opportunity to go on an exciting, guided tour to the hydrogen refuelling station built by CMB.TECH at the Port House in Antwerp. The refuelling station is able to produce its own green hydrogen and offers it to cars, trucks, tube-trailers and ships. How to register for the conference and site visit

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