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Amcor Capsules launches over 90% recycled tin for wine and spirits sector


Amcor Capsules launches over 90% recycled tin for wine and spirits sector

Amcor Capsules, a leading manufacturer of wine and spirits closures, has announced a significant shift towards sustainable packaging.

Source: Packaging Gateway

The company is now incorporating more than 90% recycled tin content into its premium tin capsules and sparkling foils.

By sourcing recycled tin from end-of-life products such as car parts and statues, Amcor Capsules is reducing its environmental impact and contributing to a more circular economy.

The switch to recycled materials has been effective since mid-April 2024.

Importantly, the company said this change does not affect the production process, lead times, or quality of the final product, ensuring a seamless transition for Amcor Capsules’ customers.

This strategic shift boasts impressive environmental benefits. Specifically, Amcor Capsules estimates a reduction in carbon emissions of up to 70% (cradle-to-gate) for its products.

Additionally, the company’s tin capsules are set to achieve a certified greenhouse gas emission level of 1.6 tons (t) of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO₂e) per tonne of tin, a significant improvement over the global average of 6.6 tonnes.

Amcor Capsules also highlighted the recyclability of its tin products.

The company has received certification from Cyclos-HTP, an independent third party, confirming a recyclability rate of 99% in regions with established glass and metal recycling streams.

Even in areas with limited metal sorting capabilities, the recyclability rate remains at 60%.

This strategic shift means that our customers benefit from the same premium caps and sparkling foils, but with a more sustainable profile that supports their own environmental targets.

Bertrand Daru, sustainability director for Amcor Capsules

This shift towards recycled materials addresses a growing demand within the wine and spirits market: high-quality tin capsules that prioritise sustainability without compromising on design.

We are proud to partner with companies such as Amcor Capsules, making our products a clear choice for customers who share the same conscience about sustainability as us. With Scott Labs offering the best-in-class packaging solutions, Amcor Capsules’ product helps our customers to reach their sustainability goals. It’s a win-win!

Chris Holman, general manager of cork and packaging at Scott Laboratories

This move aligns with the broader sustainability goals of Amcor Group, which has pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and design all its products to be recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.

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