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Featured stakeholders

Key energy companies and stakeholders participating in the Go Net Zero Energy Business Summit in Brussels (20-22 Sep).

Note! The list is valid as for the date indicated on this page. Find the delegation from each company by hovering on the logo.

191 Delegates
73 Companies


  • Global Key Account Manager lndustries
  • Senior Principal Scientists Mobility
  • Energy & Utilities Technologist
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Energy & CO2 Business Developer
  • Climate technologist
  • Blockchain & web3 Product Manager
  • Corporate PPAs Sales Manager
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  • Technology Analyst (Sustainability Team)
  • Senior Energy and Infrastructure Investment Adviser
  • Work Director of Regulatory & Policy Team
  • Principal Representative, Europe & Russia
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  • Technologist
  • Head of EU Public Affairs
  • Process Engineer
  • Planning and process engineer
  • Senior Scientist Hydrogen Process Design Specialist
  • R&D Project Manager
  • Researcher
  • Director of E&P Technology & Operating Model
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  • Senior Business Manager
  • EU Public Affairs Officer
  • Business Development
  • EU Public Affairs Officer
  • Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply Chain Manager
  • Head of advocacy
  • Renewables Distributed Generation, Business Developer BeLux
  • General Management , Energy Transition
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  • Principal Venture Builder
  • Deputy Project Director for Net Zero Teesside
  • Renewables Business Developer
  • Senior Business Developer, Crude Oil
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  • Technology Development Engineer
  • Research & Development Director
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  • Transport Interface & Risk Analysis
  • Digital Demand & Portfolio Management
  • CCUS - Forestry & Agro
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  • Vice President of Technology Management
  • Senior Consultant
  • EU Affairs Manager
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MOL Group

  • Head of Renewables and Energy Efficiency
  • Sustainability Development Officer
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Capricorn energy

  • Director, Corporate Research
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  • Staff, Technology
  • Change Management Head
  • Culture & Behavior Executive
  • Manager, Digital Manufacturing
  • Executive, Organisational Effectiveness
  • Executive, SPBD
  • Operational Excellence Department, Executive
  • Executive, Data Science
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Wintershall DEA

  • Vice President, Sustainability
  • Managing Director
  • Investment Manager
  • Senior Energy & Environmental Advisor
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  • Growth and New Products
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European Commission

  • Deputy Director, EU and International Carbon Markets, DG Climate
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  • Director of Energy Transition
  • Senior Managing Director Resources Industries
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European Investment Bank

  • Head of Innovation Advisory
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  • Industry Executive
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Lloyd's Register

  • Manager – Offshore Technology, Marine and Offshore
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Neptune Energy

  • Business Development & New Energy Lead
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Net Zero Technology Centre

  • Innovation Network Director
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  • Head of Open Innovation and Innovation Marketing
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NIS a.d.

  • Director for Strategy and Long-term Planning
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Octopus Hydrogen

  • Senior Associate
  • CEO
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  • Asser Developement Manager, Geothermal
  • Head of New Energies, Upstream
  • Senior Expert New Technologies
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Port of Antwerp

  • Senior Marketing Expert
  • Advisor Business Development
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  • Business Development Manager, Strategy & Business Development
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Tractabel Engineering

  • Senior Representative
  • Senior Representative
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  • Strategy Director
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Westwood Global Energy Group

  • Head of Energy Transition
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  • Technology Manager - Applied Sustainability
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Schneider Electric

  • President of Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals segment
  • Vice President, Strategy Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals
  • Senior Representative
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  • Head of Customer Engineering, Energy and Utilities, Google C
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ILF Consulting

  • Director OGI Special Projects & Technologies
  • Business Development Manager
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Baker Hughes

  • Technical Sales in Refinery and Petrochemical
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