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Porthos CCS project - CO2 reduction through storage under the North Sea

Video recording of the presentation at the Go Net Zero Energy Summit - Brussels, 2023

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Dorus Bakker
Director Finance

Porthos is the first large-scale CO2 transport and storage infrastructure in the European Union. In his presentation on the 18th of October Dorus Bakker updated the audience on the up-to-date status of the project and presented its structure.

Porthos is mainly focused on the Port of Rotterdam and its emitters in the port. Those emitters, industrial clients, are responsible for the capture of the CO2 at their industrial facilities.

A collective pipeline goes through the port area, which is starting at Pernis, at Shell’s refinery there, and then runs for 35 kilometers through the port and ends at the Maasvlakte, the western part of the port, where CO2Next is also based, where our compressor station will be built.