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An exclusive offer only for Go Circular delegates

On the 21st of April, after the main event, join us on an exciting guided tour that will take you to one of two Port of Rotterdam sites, where you will discover multiple innovations and initiatives that help the transition toward a circular future.

Go Circular attendees can choose between two options: visit an innovation center & site where different technologies are being tested (Plant One) or a waste sorting facility (N+P) at the Port of Rotterdam.

Please, find information about the sites below.


Plant One Rotterdam is a knowledge and innovation center where technologies can be tested on an industrial scale.

Multiple processes and technologies are being validated at this location in the Port of Rotterdam.

The business of Plant One Rotterdam consists of constructing and operating a location where companies can build, test, produce and validate their processes and products on a semi-industrial scale.

The site contains all needed utilities, logistics, permits, and services.

Companies that are currently housing in Plant One: Pryme (chemical recycling), Enerpy (radiolyse), EDSG (CCU), H2CIF (liquid Hydrogen), Ioniqa (Circular PET).

A must-visit when being in the Port of Rotterdam!

N + P

N+P is a pioneer in the development of concepts to utilize non-recyclable waste streams as alternative fuels or alternative raw materials.

N+P’s developments are heavily focused around bridging waste to value, reducing the necessity of landfill materials but upgrading them into high-quality alternatives for fossil-based commodities saving big amounts of CO₂ emissions during their energy-consuming production process.

In the transition from a linear waste management model to a circular economy and closed-loop recycling systems, N+P develops Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) which play an integral role in recovering high-quality recyclates that replace primary resources and fossil fuels.

N+P has multiple offices and production locations in Europe, with a turnover of approx. 200 million per annum.


Bus A will go to Plant One Rotterdam

Bus B will go to the N+P Group

Plant One Rotterdam site visit itinerary:

9:00 - Depart from Postillion Hotel in Rotterdam
Tour guide: Ronald Backers, Business Intelligence at Port of Rotterdam
9:40 - 9:50 Arrival at Plant One Rotterdam
9:50 - Safety measures 
10:00 - Presentation 15 min + Q&A session
Speaker: Jurjen Visser, Financial Director, Plant One Rotterdam 
Presentation title: “Overview and future plans of Plant One Rotterdam”
10:20 - Split to 4 groups - tour 
12:00 - End of the tour and return to Postillion Hotel in Rotterdam
13:00 - Arrival at Postillion Hotel in Rotterdam

N+P site visit itinerary:

! Important: pacemakers are forbidden because of magnetic machine. 

9:00 - Depart from Postillion Hotel in Rotterdam
Tour guide: Ference van Brandwijk, Assistant Duty Officer at Port of Rotterdam
9:30 - 9:40 - Arrival at N+P
9:50 - Presentation 15 min + Q&A session
Speaker: Lars Jennissen, Chief Development Officer at N+P
10:10 - Safety measures
10:20 - Tour guide on site: Tiest Aarts, Production Leader at N+P
11:10 - End of the tour and return to Postillion Hotel in Rotterdam
12:00 - Arrival at Postillion Hotel in Rotterdam


This tour is organized in partnership with the Port of Rotterdam exclusively for the attendees of the Go Circular Business Summit.


Plant One Rotterdam - overall 40 seats in the bus (only 7 left)
N+P - overall 20 seats in the bus (only 1 left)

We will fill them in on a first-come-first-served basis. In order to secure your slot please register for the Go Circular Business Summit and select the delegate package with the Technical Site Visit included.